About Us

Our Vision

To promote the widespread use of ultrasound by acute care practitioners in various clinical settings, including the intensive care units, emergency department, operating theater, general practice units, pre-hospital and other outpatient settings


To serve as a resource of excellence in patient care and safety standards through the effective use of ultrasound

 To serve as an umbrella under which ultrasound education and research can be effectively integrated both at the undergraduate and post graduate levels


To develop training documents with measurable goals and objectives to assure the effective delivery of educational content to fulfill CME requirements

Our Mandate

Provide learners with excellent training facilities for Point of Care ultrasound across specialties

Promote research and education in ultrasound

Function as an institutional link between different departments and other centers

Development and delivery of Point of Care ultrasound curricula for  fellows, residents, and medical students

Development and delivery of Point of Care ultrasound curricula for practicing physicians, mid-level providers and nurses

Develop curriculum documents to effectively incorporate ultrasound education at the undergraduate level in medical school

Meet the continuing medical education needs of practicing physicians

Provide basic and advanced ultrasound training to professionals

Incorporate process improvement and patient safety standards into all training modules